Shank Adapter, Suction Rings & Guide

Drilling Tips: 

  • Get the tool started and keep the tool wet while you drill
  • Often times high-quality diamond core bits come with low-quality pilot bits. The best way to remedy this is not to use the pilot bit at all
  • Remove the pilot bit and use a suction guide or plywood template to hold the tool in place 
  • Once the hole is started, remove the guide and place a suction ring overt the whole and fill it with water
  • Be sure to easy the drilling pressure every few seconds to remove slurry and allow the water to penetrateAlways remove the core bit straight out of the whole and always drill perpendicular to the surface

In General:

  • When using a core bit, the faster the RPM, the less time it will take to drill the hole
  • An angle grinder or polisher spins much faster than a drill
  • Always keep your hole saw, core bit or drill bit wet while drilling
  • Never drill at an angle